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FALKON Thread Chaser

(3 customer reviews)


The price of the tool includes all taxes, and shipping within the continental United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

FREE Shipping in Continental United States

  • Fits 1/4 Inch Hoses and Gauge Fittings
  • Saves Time Up & Down Ladders
  • Reduces Trips to Supply House
  • No Lost Service Time
  • Easy To Use
  • Patent Protected
Have you ever gotten a refrigerant cylinder from the supply house that had defective threads?
Hoses with threads messed up?
Gauge manifold threads messed up?
Gauge port for a suction or discharge line with messed up threads?
Allow me to introduce the "FALKON thread chaser" Now with tool having a tap and die integrated all in one all of the above issues can be handled in a matter of minutes with the "FALKON thread chaser, for instance nothing is more frustrating than getting all your tools, gauges and refrigerant cylinder on a roof to only find the the threads on the tank are defective, once again you can use the FALKON thread chaser to clean the threads on the cylinder..
In the photo array below you will see numerous demonstrations of how this tool can save you a trip to the supply house, save time and money.

Product is protected under one or more of the following patent's pending




*Tool is available for 3/8" hoses and Gauge fittings.  For more information contact us.

3 reviews for FALKON Thread Chaser

  1. Jacob Passey (verified owner)

    Great Product! Item was shipped out the next day and I received it within 1 week. I look forward to adding it to my everyday tool kit!

  2. Zach P

    Quality tool! Used on a tank to clean up some threads. Also ran brass hose ends over male end of tool. Heavy duty construction.

  3. Brian Kotaska

    I bought this tool because I had a jug of R22 with damaged threads on it. I c couldn’t get a hose on it without it leaking. (We all know how expensive R22 is…)
    I screwed the tool on the jug and it worked like a charm. It straightened out the threads and I can now get a hose on it with no leaking.
    It saved me hundreds of dollars.
    Very happy with it

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