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What you see here are two hot water tanks using heat reclaim using the heat from the rack discharge line (HOT GAS) before it goes to the condenser to be condensed back to a liquid. Take notice of the electrical box on top of the tank, these particular tanks also have electrical heating elements inside of them.How this works is the water incoming from a municipality, is then heated by the discharge gas from the rack, then to further heat the water electric heating elements are installed and controlled by a thermostat, generally there is two heating elements and they do go bad, to check them use your meter to check for voltage, you can also use the OHM setting on the meter to check both the thermostat and both heating elements.

On the front of this tank you see the sheetmetal cover with screws, that is where the heating elements and thermostat is located. There are a few ways the heat reclaim (HOT GAS) is controlled going to the tanks, from a three way valve located generally at the rack, one way is a sensor attached to an immersion well run back to the EMS system controlling the three way valve solenoid, or with an A19 thermostat control to control the solenoid.

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