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Types of Copper Fittings

90 Degree Elbow Fitting

90 Degree Elbow

Notice how this 90 degree elbow is long radius. In refrigeration piping, long radius fittings are used. The reason for this is so there is not any friction loss, and no pressure drop. As opposed to a short radius fitting which will cause a pressure drop.

Coupler Copper Fitting


This is for COUPLING two same diameter size pipes together.

90 Degree Elbow and 90 Degree Street

90 Degree Elbow & 90 Degree Street

Shown here is a 90 degree  street elbow and a 90 degree elbow hooked together.

Soft Drawn Copper Fittings

Soft Drawn Copper

This is a roll of 3/8″ soft drawn copper. Very popular to carry on a service vehicle. Most common size used for liquid lines inside cases. This tends to be used more for repair work than construction.

Hard Pipe Copper

Hard Pipe Copper

This particular type of copper is mostly used for construction, due to the long runs. It is much easier to work with when it comes to long runs. Also good practice to carry the various sizes in approximately 3 foot long lengths. The following are sizes for ACR tubing as it is called:

1/4″,3/8″, 5/8″, 1/2″, 7/8″, 1 1/8″,

 1  3/8″, 1  5/8″. The previous sizes are the biggest you will ever deal with in service. There are bigger sizes, but they are only used on headers for racks and such.

90 Degree Elbow Copper Fitting

Street 90

Instead of having to use a coupler, you can use a street 90 to achieve any angle you need.  On one side it fits inside of a fitting, and on the other side a piece of pipe can fit inside it.

Additional Information About Copper Piping

Some info that is good to know about piping in reference to grocery store refrigeration.

First of all piping that is SMALLER in diameter tends to have HIGH pressure going through it. For example discharge lines and liquid lines. The reason is the the higher the pressure the less volume needed to move the refrigerant. LARGER diameter pipes tend to be LOWER pressure, such as suction. That is because the pressure is LESS, so to make up for low pressure you need MORE volume, hence BIGGER piping. When you are working on a case the SMALLER lines will be LIQUID, and the LARGER lines will be SUCTION.

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